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    1. General Discussion

      General Discussion

      This forum is the place to talk about the Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft.
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      Latest: Windows 8 system image namso1902, Oct 19, 2014
    2. Windows 8 News

      Windows 8 News

      Read, discuss and post the latest news about Windows 8 in here.
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      Latest: Update Tuesday Trouble, Oct 12, 2014
    3. Windows 8 Support

      Windows 8 Support

      Get help and support with Windows 8 in this section.
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      Latest: Windows store payment method problem Sheepeeper, Oct 22, 2014
    4. Installation, Setup and Upgrades

      Installation, Setup and Upgrades

      Help with installing or upgrading Windows 8. This is the place to post questions about upgrading to Windows 8.1.
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      Latest: Change the volume image flags values balubeto, Oct 17, 2014
    5. Drivers


      Seeking a driver for Windows 8 or having problems getting it working?
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    6. Hardware


      Hardware, devices and components discussion - ask your questions or hardware problems in here.
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      Latest: How to clean the CPU Fan "Inspiron 15z 5523"? bassfisher6522, Sep 26, 2014
    7. Networking


      Any problems or questions related to networking, sharing or homegroups.
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      Latest: Local Area Connection not showing Scrap, Oct 12, 2014
    8. Tablet / Surface Devices

      Tablet / Surface Devices

      Discussion relating to Windows 8 Surface, Surface RT and tablet hardware.
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      Latest: Sound issue on my Windows Tablet. davidhk129, Sep 6, 2014
    9. Crashes, BSODs and Debugging

      Crashes, BSODs and Debugging

      We've got a team dedicated to helping solve your Windows 8 crashing problems in here.
      Discussions: 41 Messages: 309
      Latest: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (RTKVHD64.sys) gFrenken97, Oct 30, 2014 at 10:25 AM
    10. Gaming


      Let us know what you think of the latest PC games or post problems with gaming running on Windows 8.
      Discussions: 83 Messages: 543
      Latest: the walking dead controller issues on tablet with W8.1 Ondřej Štiťák, Oct 31, 2014 at 1:29 PM
    11. Software


      Any Windows 8 software discussion goes in here
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    12. Security


      Windows 8 security advice, including anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall applications
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      Latest: password bassfisher6522, Oct 24, 2014
    13. Customization


      Share your Windows 8 customization tips in here, the place to discuss gadgets, desktops and themes.
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      Latest: How to Disable "Auto Adjustment in Progress" on start up? remostalin, Oct 31, 2014 at 8:39 AM
    14. User Contributed Articles

      User Contributed Articles

      Add articles of your own to this section to help other forum members.
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    1. Off-Topic Discussion

      Off-Topic Discussion

      Off-Topic chat about anything not related to Windows 8 - relax and talk in this section!
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      Latest: Is Facebook becoming the New AOL Trouble, Oct 30, 2014 at 4:03 PM
    2. Introductions


      Say hello and introduce yourself in this section to get a warm welcome from other Windows 8 Forum members.
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      Latest: New Member windowsfan_deleted, Apr 22, 2014
    3. Announcements, Suggestions and Feedback

      Announcements, Suggestions and Feedback

      We'll post any site announcements in here. You can also let us know what you think of the Windows 8 Forums or suggest some new things you'd like to see.
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      Latest: Where, when, and how to get Windows 10 davehc, Oct 5, 2014
    4. Windows 8 Tutorials

      Windows 8 Tutorials

      The Window 8 Forums tutorials section
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      Latest: Create a Full Shutdown shortcut Shintaro, Jul 17, 2014