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    The Windows Explorer Preview Pane
    i. I would like to appeal that third party video players such as the largely popular gom player and vlc media player be allowed to add a preview handler for the windows explorer preview pane. Such as how third party pdf readers have, such as foxit reader of nitro reader.
    Or if you could please improve the preview pane Media handler, it is very slow in startup and supports a limited number of video filetypes.
    File preview is a very important feature when dealing with many files, it makes it easier to choose the file you would like to view before opening it. Much like Mac's Quicklook - which supports almost all file types.
    I am a die hard windows user and as such I am asking this favor as a die hard windows user, it would be a very welcomed change.

    ii. I would like to see the ability to rearrange icons on the quick access toolbar. The only way to rearange icons is to remove all the icons on the quick acess toolbar and re add them in accordance to your preference. This seems very primitive. Please do fix this so we can enjoy the genius of the idea of the Quick Access toolbar.

    iii. I would also like to give my feed back on the windows app previews, the updates made to the photo app are very nice allowing users to more enagingly interact with the app using a mouse, such as pinch to zoom for overviewing photos and scrolling to cycle through images. However the apps are very slow in loading icons. Mertro gaming apps are very mouse and keyboard friendle however my major concern is that other metro apps are not as friendly with a mouse and keyboard . Such big names such as word press - pinch and zoom works while scrolling does not, in a lot of the consumer preview apps scrolling does not work.
    davjacobs, Mar 31, 2012
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