Windows 8 includes a new feature which allows you to secure a user account by using a series of gestures (on a picture of your choice), rather than by using a password. On a touchpad, this could be a much easier way of logging in to your Windows 8 account.

To create a Picture Password for your account, log in as normal and then click the Control Panel tile in Metro:


Then, click Users:


Now, select Create a Picture Password:


You'll then need to confirm your existing password and click OK:


Next, click Choose Picture:


Select the image you wish to use and then click Open:


You can now drag the image to position it and then click Use this picture once you are happy:


Now you need to select 3 gestures on image, either by clicking and dragging with the mouse or using your touchscreen:


Once these choices have been confirmed, you're all set and ready to go!


If you wish to edit or undo these options, just return to the User menu in the control panel.
Ian, Sep 29, 2011