Win 8.1 and Marvell Controller issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sammy, Jan 30, 2021.

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    Jan 30, 2021
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    I have an old ASUS P6X58D-E from when I got it back in early 2010.

    I recall reading in the ASUS forums users should disable the Marvel port via the BIOS. I never paid too much attention to this as I wasn't having any issues.

    Fast forward to present day, when I purchased two HDDs, I noticed my existing SATA 6 HDDs were plugged into SATA ports. AHCI was enabled though in the BIOS. I was running Windows 7 before I got the new HDDs but I then did some swapping of cables and then connected these two HDDs to the SATA 6 Marvel ports.

    After about a week, I first experienced Windows Explorer freezing and crashing. Then I started to get the BSOD. This was only after I re-installed Win7 from scratch and got this issue. When I just plugged in the HDDs initially, I had no problem except the drives appearing as ejectable. The good thing is they really weren't ejectable.

    However, once I installed the Marvel controller driver and changed a setting in Device Manager, the HDDs were no longer appearing as ejectable.

    I thought maybe if I try Win 8.1 things might be different. Well, yes and no. With Win8.1 all my HDDs even the one on SATA3 was listed as a hot swappable (ejectable) drive. Only C wasn't. The other two were also listed as "Portable" drives. In contrast, just the newer HDDs connected to the Marvell ports are listed as hot swappable in Win7. All the drives but C were in fact "ejectable" on Win8.1. Win 8 didn't have the Marvel drivers.

    With Win 8.1 I don't like the idea that ALL my HDDS except C driver are in fact ejectable. Who knows what else might be going on in the back end. I don't dare try a SSD because I don't know what the implications will be with this motherboard. Has anyone run into this issue? What are your thoughts, should I go back to Windows 7? I don't like the layout per se with Win 8.1 and being forced to sign up for a Microsoft account.
    Sammy, Jan 30, 2021
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