Sources within MS say the next operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, will be a

Discussion in 'Windows 8 News' started by jeffreyobrien, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Jun 9, 2010
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    Sydney NSW Australia
    Principal Software Development Engineer in Test – Windows

    Job Category: Software Engineering: Test
    Location: United States, WA, Redmond
    Job ID: 711553 11673
    Product: Windows
    Division: Windows Division

    Hello members,
    my first w8 post is well very early I have reason to be ahead of the game as seeing is believing to me anyway.Being vision impaired has taught me to rely on Microsoft very hard especially for speech software,easy to see large fonts,now to my post I have had the Azure cloud software & visual studio for about four weeks now and what I see and used is awesome.Microsoft are always going to be the real O/S Leader in this huge IT world we live in today.I can see now why Google have split the forefront,they now realise that their awesome Google Earth (maps) caused what most Australians thought was an Invasion from Big Brother or hackers with our IP & subnet details plastered out there in anyone's land for the taking this was why Australian Federal Police are Investigating Google for the way in which they took satalite photos using digital imprinting software registering all our Wi-Fi details,Subnet,gatway IP address and details no wonder GOOGLE TOOK OFF FROM MICROSOFT that was Google,now Microsoft can get on with their Job on Hand WINDOWS 8 Azure,Cloud

    Are you passionate about software performance? Are you excited by the potential to have a positive impact on hundreds of millions of users, by improving their Windows experience? The Windows Fundamentals Performance Test Team is look for a software design engineer who can help us do just that – make future releases of Windows faster, smaller, and more responsive than Windows 7. OS Fundamentals, and specifically performance were a major area of focus during Windows 7 and will be just as important if not more so, during the development of the next version(s).

    We have built a mature performance testing infrastructure to analyze the behavior of the operating system under different tests and workloads, and detect performance bugs, and opportunities to improve performance. And now, we want to take that to the next level. Our role as a team is two-fold in that we are not only improving and enhancing our current infrastructure and test coverage, but we also provide technical leadership and guidance to partner teams to help them improve the performance testing and analysis of their own individual components. We are looking for an SDET that excel in both of those areas.
    The candidate will exercise his/her strong technical knowledge of software performance and performance testing to help us define the right metrics for measuring and monitoring the performance of the integrated system, identify the components and scenarios that are critical to measuring and validating OS performance, identify & address any gaps in test coverage that prevent us from getting complete and accurate measurements, and to analyze performance logs and debug uncovered performance issues to find the root cause, potentially prototyping a fix, or working with the appropriate feature team to implement a fix.

    The candidate would also be key in improving and enhancing our existing infrastructure and tools to minimize noise in perf results and improve the analysis process to ensure that fewer and fewer performance bugs go undetected & unreported.
    Strong technical leadership skills would be required to work with other feature teams that do not solely focus on performance, and engage them in a productive manner to help them understand what is required of their teams to ship high-quality, high-performance software. Similarly to identifying the key system-wide metrics that we monitor, you would help each individual team define the key metrics to monitor and analyze the performance of their components, help them design their component and build test plans with performance in mind, and help them implement high-quality tests, analyze the results, debug performance problems, and get them fixed.

    The ideal candidate will have more than 10 years for strong technical testing experience – including performance testing expertise and exposure to or experience with common performance test tools, and at least 10 years of experience of product &/or development across several life cycles of a commercial software product; excellent technical, problem solving, analytical, design, and oral/written communication skills; strong leadership skills and the ability to articulate and collaborate on a clear vision with people in all engineering disciplines across multiple teams; self-motivated an ddriven to solve tough technical and business problems; BS or MS degree in computer science, computer engineering, or an equivalent degree.

    Microsoft is planning to spend $9 billion on cloud based R&D, but given that competitors like Amazon and Google have been providing cloud services for a while now, pinching pockets will not work for Microsoft.

    So does his really mean that the next operating system would be completely different from what we are thinking about.

    I really have looked into azure cloud,visual studio,whats even going on with IE 9 Privew gives us a sneak peek into the Cloud software heck Go for it Bill Microsoft are still Awesome in my home,business,& private life,thanks for making my life easier Microsoft

    jeffreyobrien, Jun 9, 2010
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  2. jeffreyobrien

    clifford (c_c)

    Jan 27, 2010
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    Hmmm, We don't have a Thanks button! :(

    Anyway - Thanks Jeffrey :)
    clifford, Jun 9, 2010
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