Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows 8

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ufomundo, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. ufomundo


    Oct 2, 2012
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm a long time iPhone user but have held off on the new iPhone 5 as I find it's underwhelming and has absolutely none of the WOW factor previous versions had. That said, I've been seriously looking forward to Nokia's Lumia 920. It's absolutely beautiful, and I really like the specs. The only unknown is the operating system it will be using: Windows 8.

    What are your thoughts on the new Windows 8 in the mobile market? As of yet, and until Windows 8 is released, all hands on demos of the 920 cannot show the Windows 8 features.

    I hope Windows 8 does well on mobile devices because that Nokia is a beaut.
    ufomundo, Oct 2, 2012
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  2. ufomundo

    Core coffee & gigabytes Moderator

    Jun 30, 2010
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    I don't care for the Metro/Modern UI (much prefer iOS), and the Marketplace apps are ho-hum. The Facebook app for Windows Phone, for example, hasn't been updated since October 2010. It's not really surprising to me that they're not letting people actually try the phones...
    Core, Oct 2, 2012
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