MS Blocking Start Button Hacks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dipsy, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Dipsy


    Mar 1, 2012
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    Dipsy, Jun 15, 2012
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  2. Dipsy


    Sep 15, 2011
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    I predicted that one month's ago. I don't think they even realize that the more they take away, the more buyer's also disappear. Quite simply 8 isn't truly worth it over Windows 7 on notebook or desktop pc's. They've even begun dumging down 7 a few month's aggo. First when they released the MetroUI update for Xbox 360's in January they began taking away various entertainment from the Internet TV portion of Windows Media Center. Then they cut back 7's Gadgets page down from 50+ pages to 1 page that truly doesn't have more than 4 worthwhile gadgets on it. Therefore, if you didn't save the gadgets you like while you downloaded them, you won't be able to use them in 8;s DesktopUI. Then they take away DVD playback (even with the for pay WMC addon) and expect you to buy other software just for that capability. Then WMP & WMC are the same exact versions in 7. Therefore, if you want WMC in 8 and already have Windows 7 Home Premium and up, you'll need to buy the top version/most expensive version of 8 and then purchase the WMC addon again, that you already paid for in 7. I'm sorry, but my money isn't being wasted on 8. Show me one feature that I absolutely need and can't live without. Email even got dumbed down. Why can't we add our email address that our isp/internet service provider give;s us We've all got one of those, if we're on the internet.In alot of area's Microsoft need's to get their head's out of their asses and get a clue.
    brkkab123, Jun 15, 2012
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  3. Dipsy


    Feb 2, 2010
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    Paul Thurrot made the statement some time ago. He was referring to the proposed loss of functionality in the forthcoming release preview. In fact, he got that wrong. I have five different start menu alternatives (These are third party programs - not "hacks") which are, so far, running 100% in Windows 8 release. It certainly is a possibility in the RTM, but I see no future in it for Microsoft. Why should it worry them if users prefer to return to a legacy menu.
    What I do understand is that, in the process of cleaning up the code and the registry. (It still has many left overs from Windows 7) the well known "hack" in the registry stopped working. I can see that it was not in Microsoft's best interests to have a hack which, whilst bringing back the menu, also crippled their prime feature - the Metro.
    Nevertheless, I was a casual user of the legacy menu. I was not a lover of masses of shortcut icons all over my desktop and Taskbar. As a result, when I was first confronted with the Metro screen, I was appalled. After some thought, I realised that, for the pre mentioned icon shortcut lovers, it was no big deal. I have unpinned items I rarely use. They are still there, under "all Apps".
    In Windows 7, after using any specific application, I went - one click on the globe, open menu. One more click, open All programs. A further click, select the program I want. In windows 8, when I have finished using an application, I hit the Windows key, or swish to the left corner, and immediately I have a graphical representation of all my popular and most used software - in my case, 8 items.

    By the way. As I said, the story came out before the release preview, and was proved wrong. But, at the time, I asked on another forum if any member could point me to the original comment by Paul Thurrot. I never did get a source. Googling will come up with several pages, all with the same statement, and all referring to "Paul Thurrot said''etc. Obviously I am not discounting the statement as speculative gossip, but would, sincerely, like to read the original. (anyone?)
    davehc, Jun 16, 2012
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