If you're doing a clean install of Windows 8, the two most common methods will be a DVD or USB drive install. Many netbooks and tablets come without a DVD drive, so an increasing number of users will be performing a USB install for the first time.

This guide shows you how to quickly create your choice of bootable media using the very handy "USB/DVD download tool" from Microsoft. The first step is to download and install this software:


Once installed, double click the icon on your desktop to run the application. Click browse to select the ISO file you've downloaded for your Windows 8 install, then click next:


Now click the DVD or USB button, depending on the storage type you wish to use:


In this example we chose to install to a USB drive and needed to select the drive from a dropdown list before clicking "begin copying". If you chose to burn to DVD, you may only be required to click "begin burning":


Once your chosen copy/burn method is complete, you're ready to go and install Windows 8!
Ian, Sep 27, 2011