Drivers after formatting Windows.

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by asddf, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Aug 7, 2019
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    I just built a new pc and then plugged in my 2 old ssd's and formatted windows (8.1 pro)
    I formatted my pc through the windows 8 tool, refresh / clean reinstall.

    Now i have weird problems.

    1. I have 4 drivers that i dont know what they really do even though i googled.
    The problem here is when i try to update driver through windows or search online i just get an endless loading that windows is searching online for the software and it never ends.
    I added picture for the non working drivers.

    2. Is it normal for windows to say ''You 'can't add features to this edition of windows'' when you press ''Get more features with a new edition of windows'' in the system tab?

    3. Sometimes when i install driver programs like 'Intel driver and support assitance' and 'Geforce experience' they just endlessly load just like the windows one or doesn't even open (The setup). I did get geforce to install through other way but there seems to be some problem when installing certain programs now.

    I've been googling for some hours now and now i've given up and this is my last try to fix this problem, any help is appreciated.

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    asddf, Aug 7, 2019
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