There are a couple of ways to fully shutdown a Windows 8 computer. I will briefly show you here how to create a shortcut for a full shutdown.

But why do you need to fully shutdown Windows? Doesn't it already shutdown when I click "Shutdown"?
Not really it does a "soft" shutdown. It does this because when it starts back up it is quicker than when you fully shutdown the computer. A "soft" shutdown is similar to hibernation.


Right click on the desktop and Select "New" -> "Shortcut"


Then type in "Shutdown /s /t 0" 0 as in Zero and click next.


Give the shortcut a name and click Finish.


So now we can change the icon so that it stands out a bit more.
Right click on the new shortcut you created and go to properties and the "shortcut" Tab, then click on the "Change Icon" button.


You might get this message box pop up, just click "OK".


Find an icon that you want, then click on "OK" and then finally "OK" to close the properties box.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes or changes that need to be made.

Hope this helps.

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Shintaro, Jul 17, 2014
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