Could this be a windows problem?

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Support' started by ksam911, May 30, 2013.

  1. ksam911


    May 28, 2013
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    I recently just had an epiphany about one of my older laptops. So i'm not completey positive if it is Windows 8 but I can't diagnose any other problems. On my old laptop I had a 2.3ghz processor and 3gb ram, 1gb dedicated to FTB. Also I'm not sure exactly what it was but my old graphics card was worse than my new one. On my new laptop I have 2.5ghz and 8gb ram, 3gb dedicated to FTB. The new graphics card is Radeon HD 7470M. On my old laptop I got about 9-10fps around mid way through FTB, but on my new laptop, when I'd just finished mining, I get about 5fps. Now are there any other things I should trouble shoot or might this be what I think it is? Thanks for your help. Like I said its an older laptop so it is no emergency.
    ksam911, May 30, 2013
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