Corrupted Recovery Drive

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Support' started by diane49v, May 25, 2018.

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    May 25, 2018
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    I can't...

    1. boot up with a bootable USB drive (my computer doesn't recognize my external drive even though it has priority in the BIOS and the USB is properly formatted).

    2. go into recovery mode to reset, refresh, or reinstall windows (nothing happens when I press the Get Started buttons).

    3. create a recovery drive (required files missing and an external drive needed)

    4. use the DOS commands related to recovery (no confirmation messages just returns to the command prompt without making any changes

    5. use the startup F-keys to bring up the recovery menu.

    I discovered after trying all the internal methods of restarting/restoring my pc that my recovery drive D: was infected by the RAPID virus. Now that drive has been rendered completely useless for recovery. The main drive C: was not infected at all so I'm still able to login and perform other functions problem-free. I can still get into safe mode, load the BIOS, run diagnostics, etc. Fortunately, no personal files were compromised. I am not, however, able to use any of the recovery drive options in windows (F-11 key at bootup, create a recovery drive, refresh or reinstall windows), anything to do with system recovery. I don't even have any system restore points to fall back on. It also affected my ablity to use a bootable USB drive to reinstall windows. There's also a problem running DOS commands (such as bootrec) as required files are missing or nothing happens when I press Enter.

    Instead of using a bootable USB, data recovery software, or partition manager because I cant restore the missing, deleted, or corrupted files from recovery D: drive back into the same drive, is there a third-party software that can repair the recovery drive without having to turn off or restart the pc or boot up through an external drive? A program that can be installed and run within windows and just fix the corrupted partition, or a program to create a new recovery drive while windows is running?

    Replacing the hard drive at this time is not an option. I need an alternative to solution as replacement would only be my last resort.
    diane49v, May 25, 2018
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