Clean installation of Dell OEM Win8 on a new ssd

Discussion in 'Installation, Setup and Upgrades' started by Rooster, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Rooster


    Dec 18, 2012
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    Having recently bought a new dell inspiron laptop which came with Dell OEM WIN 8 I was disappointed to find they supplied no installation disc.

    No COA sticker or key either. Seems the key is flashed on the motherboard.

    So how do I perform a clean install if for instance I fit an SSD?

    The recovery discs I can write are no use for this.

    Contacted Dell who told me I should have chosen the option to have installation media supplied when I ordered. This option definitely wasn't available on the website, and still isn't. They say the only way would be to purchase another OEM from them. This doesn't seem right to me as I've already just purchased Win8 with the laptop.

    They say as the key is on the motherboard it has to be their installation disc to work.

    So does anyone have any ideas/experience of this situation.

    Is there any way reinstalling without having buy a new OS every time?
    Rooster, Dec 18, 2012
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